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Reenacting personal caricatures and internet memes about femininity, TRBWIIACBE uses the intersection of gender and sexuality studies with choreographic practices to examine narratives about gendered and privileged identities--specifically what is accurate, what is too simplistic, what is problematic in certain depictions of femininity, and how all of these are rendered unstable by memory, social constructions, and point of view.  The format of TRBWIIACBE blurs the lines between installation, performance and conversation and asks what is real and what is fake?

Set in a floating white box designed by Cătălin Manea, three performers exhaustively enter into and rebel against images, tropes and movements sourced through years of personal, scholarly, studio and field research. Costumes designed by Hannah Lax amplify the use of comedy, drag, trash, and unrelenting nature of “conditioning.”  



Created by Shannon Stewart in collaboration with Ellery Burton and Sierrah Dietz. Special guest Lucia/Local Honey. Costumes by Hannah Lax, Set by Cătălin Manea, Sound by Rick Snow. Video Documentation by Bruce France.

Lupin Theatre | Tulane University

Department of Theatre and Dance

150 Dixon Hall Annex

New Orleans, LA 70118

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