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FUTURE OCEANS is thrilled to offer this pop up festival in New Orleans featuring Gregory Dorado, Ryuta Iwashita, Kimmie Allen, Blake Beckham/The Lucky Penny (ATL) and Hez Stalcup auspiciously in time with Southern Decadence. This mini-fest offers a variety of queer, somatic, dance and performance offerings.

TUESDAY AUG 27 | 7pm
Be / With - Eight Improvisations
Contemporary Art Center

Featuring: Sierrah Dietz, Greg Dorado, Cameron Mitchell Ware, Olivia Sabo-Rush, Dorothy Nunez, BRIDE, Cypress Atlas, Sophie, Zoe Boekbinder, Peter J Bowling, and more!


4-7pm Hotel Peter & Paul - MOVEMENT WORKSHOP
BODIED RESEARCH: Embracing the Monstrous with Gregory Dorado

8pm The Art Klub - PERFORMANCE
No End or Return (Blake Beckham/The Lucky Penny)
RELATIVES (Shannon Stewart & Ellery Burton)


9:30am - 12pm - Hotel Peter & Paul - MOVEMENT WORKSHOP
LAYERS - understanding touch and partnering with Kimmie Allen

12:30 - 1:30pm

Queer Pilates with Sierrah Dietz

2 - 5pm - Hotel Peter & Paul - MOVEMENT WORKSHOP
Q-fermentation with Ryuta Iwashita


11am -1pm - Hotel Peter & Paul - MOVEMENT WORKSHOP
Queer Class with Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup

2 - 5pm - Hotel Peter & Paul- MOVEMENT THEORY WORKSHOP
What does this body make? - Shannon Stewart

Register in advance:

Movement Workshops - $20 - 25/each
Thursday Performance - $10
Queer Pilates - $5 - $10
Festival Pass - $100 (includes all 5 workshops and performances)

NOTAFLOF. just get in touch.

Made possible with support from Hotel Peter & Paul, The Art Klub, and Dancing Grounds.Photo of Blake Beckham in No End or Return by Jamie Hopper.  Graphic by Kale Chesney.

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