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Eight Improvisations in Dance and Music

Special edition August 27

Part of Future Oceans Micro Dance Festival Aug 27 - 31 | New Orleans


Performances by: Sierrah Dietz, Gregory Dorado, Cameron Mitchell - Ware, Olivia Saba Rush, Dorothy Nunez, Blake Beckham (visiting artist from ATL), Hez Stalcup (visiting artist from ATL), Peter J Bowling, BRIDE, Cypress Atlas, Zoe Boekbinder, Sophie and more!

August 27, 2019 | 7:30pm

Contemporary Arts Center

$10 Suggested Donation 

BE / WITH is a performance series that invites artists with a practice of improvisation to come together for an impromptu dialogue.  The audience will choose pairings of musicians with dancers and something will unfold, just once, never again to be experienced. BE / WITH is a response, a small gesture, an act of opening up instead of closing off in uncertain times, to the pressure to exist in isolation, and to experience art without the intimacy of sharing space, community, and collaboration across disciplines and backgrounds. 




BE / WITH is intentionally documentation free--one space dedicated to the practice of being present. Here are the names of people who have participated in the previous performances. 



BE / WITH #1 - Marigny Opera House  - November 11


Calvin James Rowe + Matthew Varvil

Marizta Mercado Narcisse + Laura Stein

Anton Ovchinnikov + Daiquiri René Jones

Ellery Burton + Helen Gillet

Rhia Jade + LadyBabyMiss

Barbara Hayley + Marcello Benetti

Jarrell Hamilton + Willis Ross

Jeremy Guyton + Spirit McIntrye


BE / WITH # 2 - Contemporary Art Center - January 4


Kimmie Allen + Will Thompson
Chanice Holmes + Sabine McCalla

Rebecca Allen + Patrick Hinegan

Catherine Caldwell + Tiff Teddy Lamson

Milli Brown + Aurora Nealand

Scotty Heron + Matt Webb

Brieze Levy + Rick Snow

Ben Schenk + Ann Glaviano




BE / WITH #3 - Art Klub - March 11


















BE / WITH #4 - Marigny Opera House - April 22






















BE / WITH #5 - Art Klub  - May 27

DANCE/MOVEMENT: Gretchen Erickson, Edward Spots, Courtney Lewis, Megan Wolfkill, Gregory Dorado, Tahni Holt, Darci Fulcher, Kendra Unique

MUSIC/SOUND: Jennie Lavine, Josef Butts, Luke Wyland, Padi Fuster, Byron Asher, Evan Spigelman, Steven Pilcher, Nico Bell


be / with # 6: Hotel Peter & Paul - December 30


Kelly Bond + Martin Masakowski

Terreze Williams + Willis Ross

Elle C Jones + Meryl Zimmerman

Jenny Sargent + Jennie Lavine

Paris Williams + Bryan McNamara

Jarrell Hamilton + Aurora Nealand

Cypress Atlas + Boyana Trayanova

Stacy Barrios + ensemble


BE / WITH draws inspiration from the people that have invited me to perform in their events COMPOSTQ (Urbana, IL), Here Now (Seattle), Dancer/Musician Improvisation Series (San Francisco).