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RADAR is a program dedicated to the exploration and evolution of dance film through connecting artists scene by scene. Curated by filmmaker/curator Adam Sekuler and choreographer Shannon Stewart, RADAR features movement based films of many budgets, styles and perspectives, creating a platform of local/national/ international exchange that allows artists to publicly screen their work, discuss, get feedback, and meet other artists working in the same form. Since 2013, RADAR screenings have taken place in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Portland, Minneapolis, Vancouver BC, Detroit, New Orleans, and Seattle.

Upcoming RADAR dates:

July 6, 2017 
New York
Anthology Film Archives

Mama’s Boi

(Local Honey, 2014, HD, 12min, New Orleans)

Intimacy between mother and daughter



(Miguel Gutierrez, 2012, HD, 5min, NYC)

A hotel room experiment in symmetry.


To Persia

(Yasi Ghanbari , 2008, SD, 2min, NYC)

Embodied absurdity skewering traditional iconography.


Inside Film (excerpt)

(Shannon Stewart, Nandan Rao, Adam Sekuler, 2014, HD, 3min, Seattle/New Orleans)

A home movie within a home movie.


Unnecessary Tambourine

(Raja Feather Kelly, Andy Jordan, 2017, HD, 5min, NYC)

A video portrait-resmash-documix.


Conquer the Neutral Ground

 (Jane Geisler, 2016, HD, 1min, New Orleans)

Filmed in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, paying tribute to the masked crusaders fighting the good fight in the eternal War on Weeds.


Le Pain (excerpt)

(Meryl Murman, 2015, HD, 4min, New Orleans)

Two men find themselves a little bit empty, and suffering from self-deceit.



(Andrew Michael Ellis, Ernest Felton Baker, 2017, HD, 5min, NYC)

An interview with a former African American slave accompanies a powerful dance vignette of an urban man in extremis. The juxtaposition of past and present raises questions about inherited trauma and the possibility of regeneration.


Black Back

(Kiyoko McCrae, Sunni Patterson, 2017, HD, 3min, New Orleans)

A poetic exploration of black femininity. 


Alex and Jose

(Cynthia Madansky, 2015, 16mm, 5min, NYC)

Gender, movement and form



(Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart, Angelle Hebert, 2016, 16mm > HD, 4min, New Orleans)

Figures on the bayou caught in a chemical and physical interaction between emulsion, the body and brackish water.


Die Ende

(Lucy Kerr, 201, 16mm > HD, 3min, NYC)

A woman in suspension.


Kym and Laurel

(Laura Bartczak , 2014, super8 mm > HD, 3min, NYC)

Personal narratives through body language.


That Dizzying Crest

(Jeremy Moss, 2013, 16mm > HD, 11min, Philadelphia)

Direct manipulation acts as inciting catalyst as a dancing figure becomes ingrained and lost in the celluloid, creating an immersive new realm for the moving figure. She repeats short phrases of choreography on ambient loop; each repetition alters our perception of movement and space.


You Can Go Anywhere

(Hadley Smith, HD & Live Narration, 7min, NYC)

Travel through time, place and point of view.



Brief Q & A to follow.


Thanks to the artists and Jed Rapfogel at Anthology Film Archives!

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