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". . . mesmerizing to watch, brutal and poetic."

       -Meryl Murman/FLOCK


RELATIVES is a meditation on objectification performed as a dance duet, two women "repeated to form what appears a natural being." or a relative one. or two relatives.


RELATIVES tours you through forms familiar, beautiful, distorted, divine and pariah. Two bodies feel their way through iconography, popular and imagined, symbolic, and persistent. 

Choreography and Performance: Shannon Stewart and Ellery Burton
Costumes: Lee Kyle
Sound: Adam Sekuler
Lighting Design: Blake Beckham (ATL), Jen Davis (NOLA)
Choreographic research and support: Sierrah Dietz

Photographs: Lauren Hind

Current running Time: 55 minutes

RELATIVES premiered at the Definitive Figures Festival March 1-2, 2018.  RELATIVES also exists as a 30 minute looping installation.  

Full Version

Gallery Loop


2019 Jan 6-7 FUTURE OCEANS at the JCC (New York City, NY)

2018 Jul 30  Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI) (Seattle, WA)

2018 Jul 20-22  Performance Works Northwest (Portland, OR) 

2018 Mar 1 -2  Definitive Figures Festival (New Orleans, LA) 

2018 Jan 8   Good Children Gallery (New Orleans, LA) (excerpt) 

2017 Dec 1  The Lucky Penny (Atlanta, GA) 

RELATIVES was nominated for a Big Easy Classical Arts Award in Outstanding Choreography (short) and was received support through the Foundation of Contemporary Art.  Development of RELATIVES has been supported through residencies at Certain Bird (VT), The Work Room (ATL), Dancing Grounds (New Orleans). Over 100 individuals contributed donations to support the creation and touring of the work. Sierrah Dietz contributed monumentally before breaking her leg. Her spirit (fingers) live on in the RELATIVES walking pattern. 

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