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kindhumankind is a live visual album project of the Monocle Ensemble performed in tandem with release of the audio album of the same name by Aurora Nealand. The full ensemble performances occurred three times in April and May 2017 at the Sanctuary Art Center, the Marigny Opera House and culminated at the Music Box Village.  


Composer/Performer/Director: Aurora Nealand

Choreographer/Performer: Shannon Stewart


Musicians: Tiff Lamson, Cliff Hines, Nathan Lambertson, Graham Hawthorne, Will Thompson, Julie Odell,
& Christin Bradford 


Core dancers: Ellery Burton, Sierrah Dietz, Lori Crosthwait, Kimmie Allen, Ann Glaviano, & Aaron Richmond-Havel


Guest appearances: Rebecca Allen, Millie Brown, & Katya Chizayeva


Costumes: Bear Hebert

Lighting: Evan Spigelman

Project Management: Lisa Giordano


The full production of kindhumankind premiered at the Music Box Village May 27 & 28, 2017



2018 - Various Excerpt Showings at Siberia Lounge

2017 April 30 - Marigny Opera House Showing

2017 April 16 - Sanctuary Art Center Showing



kindhumankind was made with support from Dancing Grounds and the Music Box Village






aurora nealand | the monocle ensemble

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