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A relative of the Short Dark Long Run, we bring you Dark Though It Is, a durational improvised performance on the darkest day of the year with new some new players and a new score. 

6am - 6pm
12pm - Group Brunch



2317 Burgundy St

$5 - $20 and/or with some food to share for our noon meal



Directed by Shannon Stewart & Byron Asher

Performed by: Katya Chizayeva, Sierrah Dietz, Gregory Dorado, Scotty Heron, Ryuta Iwashita, Reese Johansen, Owen Ever, Peter J. Bowling, Pete Olynciw, Aurora Nealand, Shaye Cohn, Sarah Peterson, Georgi Petrov, Sarah Peterson, John Gerken, Brad Webb, and many more + surprise guests!

Dark Though It Is is a scored durational performance. For the safety of the performers and for the score to work, it is not open for audience to spontaneously join but there will be moments of invitation for participation. Thanks for respecting our space and intention.

Lighting Design by Lydia Stein

Poster by Kale Chesney

Made possible with generous support from the Hotel Peter & Paul.

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