"Shall Not Want" Pandemic Music Video Release by Aurora Nealand/The Monocle

On March 12 during the break between one dress rehearsal and another, Aurora sent me this text message about our March 14 show at the Kennedy Center:

A few days later she had compiled this music video in place of the one we were hoping to shoot this spring.

Message from Aurora:


So nice to remember the beauty of corporeal relationship & movement, the collision of universes that are happening within and without us. I'm grateful to've worked with these radical human movers, once upon a time time.

Featuring the choreography of Shannon Stewart with Kimmie Allen, Ellery Burton, Sierrah Dietzr, Ann Glaviano, Lori Crosthwait, Aari Driftwood Kolache, Teddy Lamson, Julie Odell, Christin Bradford. Camera wonders by: Sean O'Grady.

In a time of suspension, time is an estuary, time is a now and then, “time isn’t holding, time isn’t after us”, time is understanding time is understanding time is understanding time is understanding time is understanding time is.

ps. you can purchase this whole dang album here: https://auroranealand.bandcamp.com/album/kindhumankind

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