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RADAR 06.12.14 Seattle

Huge thanks to those that came out for RADAR last night at 10degrees and to the artists that let us screen their work. We were thrilled to be able to share work from all over the world. Thanks 10D for hosting us!

Here is the full program:

RADAR 06.12.14

Cold Light Day [rough cut] (Dayna Hanson, United States, 2014)

The Rain Beats Down (KT Niehoff, United States, 2013)

In My Bedroom (Endan Niham, Turkey, 2013)

Girl and Smoke Series: Jennifer (Daniela Zahler, Austria, 2013)

tsunami (Adam Sekuler, Shannon Stewart, United States, 2014)

Let’s Catch Tigers (Reut Shamesh, Melanja Palitta, Germany, 2013)

Globe Trot (Mitchell Rose, United States, 2014)

The Time It Takes (Katrina McPherson, Simon Fildes, Scotland, 2013)

Cracks (Alex Pachón, Spain, 2014)

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