because of everything and in spite of everything

we are having these conversations and doing these practices and cites are drowning and rivers are burning and cars are guns and guns are guns and teachers and students are under their desks and bodies aren't social without media and we still go to class and make food together and take anti-depressants and hope for the best. I went away and came back. I'm still teaching classes. I ripped apart a finished work and canceled shows. I lived in a greenhouse and understood what choreography can make possible and what art egos make impossible. A dozen friends let me stay with them, take their workshops for free, see their shows for free, made me food, gave me massages, offered me opportunities, drew me maps, gave me a barn to dance in, and strangers helped me, and my collaborators drove 40 hours to work on things and told me I was doing a good job when I cried hysterically and decided to give up. So here we are. Starting again.

babies come even when there are hurricanes.

I hope you are also doing okay.

Photo of Banu Cennetoğlu’s, Being Safe is Scary (2017) at documenta14


© 2018 Shannon Stewart