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CRYBORG (In Progress) 

Aurora Nealand + Screaming Traps

Cryborg, is a multifaceted platform and performance piece exploring the cyborg emotional life.


"Cryborg" is a container for different kinds of work-- “Crying Bars” for public gatherings of emotional processing, processions of emotional bodies, and a new album with accompanying instructional dance therapy videos. Cryborg exists somewhere in between the absurd and the earnest, in the same way that emotional processing through social media and seeking catharsis from a non-specific, unpredictable audience is both vulnerable and kamikaze. Do the words public and private mean anything? What if therapy was public and participatory? What if we went to “Crying Bars” to work through the hard shit? What if we turned our diaries into karaoke floats in parades? Cryborg draws inspiration from Ann Cvetkovich’s theorizing on the “Public Feelings” movement, Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” and Staying with the Trouble, among many other critical theorists work. 


"Cryborg" has been supported by the Pivot Arts Incubator Residency in Chicago and is in search of further opportunities and support for its continued development. 


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