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18 Sep - Tuesday/ Deinstag - Day 1


  1. Warm up

-Awakening the senses [resource - GYROKINESIS®] 

-Sun Salutations / Walking & weaving - waking up to the space

-Pliés supported by the pelvic floor “fluff”

-focus on sensitivity/receptivity of hands and feet


II.  Across the floor

-In trios and then duets - improvising

-staying with the hypersensitivity of skin, being receptive to the space

-starting and stopping together - listening closely while attending to your own experience


19 Sep - Wednesday / Mittwoch - Day 2


  1. Warm up

-Figure 8s, with floating focus

-stillness/meditation holding hands in a circle

-Sun Salutations with more attention to alignment

-Walking / Weaving - waking up to the space

-Shifting attention to feet

-Rooting the foot into the ground and working on balance / feeling supported by the space

-Working with balance, support of the space, and focus (eyes present, continually refreshing the frame)


II.  Across the floor

-Improvising with focus - near, mid-range, far, dialing in and out - cinematic focus, outside body focus)

[RESOURCES/Citations - deborah hay, tuning scores]

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